SideBySide: Collaborative Mobile Projectors.

What is SideBySide?
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What is SideBySide?

SideBySide is a novel interactive system that allows multiple people to play and work together using handheld projectors at anytime and anyplace. The system is immediate and simple: users simply project onto a surface and their projection becomes aware and responsive to other projections nearby. Interaction can range from projector-based games, such as boxing with projected characters, to everyday tasks such as exchanging contact information by "dragging and dropping" onto another user's projection.

Importantly, SideBySide does not require any fixed sensing in the environment and can be used anywhere: at home, at the office, or even inside the car during long road trips. The system consists of a hybrid mobile projector that outputs both visible and invisible projections at the same time. The invisible projection contains tracking data that can be recognized by the device camera, allowing accurate location tracking of multiple projections and lightweight communication between devices.

SideBySide in Pictures.

Example applications created with the SideBySide system: collaborative games. 3D models visualizer and data exchange application.

The SideBySide concept – a self-contained, full color, handheld projection device allowing multi-user interaction in almost any space.

The SideBySide system overview.

Projecting visible and IR images in a single stream. The characters are visible to the user, and the markers are visible to the IR camera.

The SideBySide projection engine combines visible igh and IR channels.

The SideBySide prototype device.

Publications, Awards.

Willis, K. D.D., Poupyrev, I., Hudson, S. E., Mahler, M. SideBySide: Ad-hoc Multi-user Interaction with Handheld Projectors. In Proceedings of ACM UIST: 2011. pp. 431-440. [PDF]

Best Paper Award at UIST 2011 Conference.

Best Demo Award at UIST 2011 Conference.

Media, Press.


The SideBySide project has been developed at Disney Research Pittsburgh by Karl D.D. Willis and me, in collaboration with Scott Hudson / CMU, and Moshe Mahler / Disney Research.

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A paper on SideBySide was presented at UIST 2011 conference ...


... and recieved both Best Paper and Best Demo Awards there.

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