Turning research ideas into real products used by everyday people is an ultimate impact that a researcher in high technology can make.

This page outlines some of the products that incorporated my inventions and were released on the international markets to consmers worldwide.

Backtouch on Sony PlayStation Vita.

Sony PlayStation Vita handheld gaming console is equipped with the touch panel on the back of the device. Backtouch interaction was invented and prototyped as part of the Gummi project at Sony CSL. It allows gamers to interact with games and on-screen content while hoding the device with both hand and using joysticks located on both sides of Vita. [more details...].

12 Pixels on Sony Cedar Mobile Phone.

Sony Ericsson Cedar mobile phone was released with pre-installed 12Pixels application. The 12Pixels allows to draw and share pixel art images just by tapping on 12 keys of the phone keypad. The application was invented and developed by Karl Wilis and myself at Sony CSL [more details...].

Sony Style 12 Pixels Service.

Sony Style was Sony retail brunch that run both on-line stores and more traditional Sony Style stores internationally. Sony Style released 12 Pixels mobile phone apt and a social sharing service on Sony Style Japan web site as part of the promotional efforts to attract customers to mobile version of the Sony Style Store [more details...].

TouchEngine on Navitus Remote Controller.

Sony Navitus RM-NX7000 multi-functional remote controller was equipped with a tactile feedback on its touch screen. The tactile feedback was developed by me and my colleagues as part of TouchEngine project. Navitus, released on market in 2004, was the world-first consumer electronic device featuring touch screen with tactile feedback [more details...].

TouchEngine on UCP-8060 Universal Control Panel.

Sony UCP-8060 Universal Control Panel was equipped with touch screen enhanced with tactile feedback developed by me and colleagues as part of TouchEngine project. Sony UCP-8060 was a part in the lineup of professional broadcasting equipment produced by Sony. Released in 2002 was the first commercial product in the world with for touch screen tactile feedback [more details...].

Sony TouchEngine Tactile Device.

TouchEngine haptic feedback device developed by me and my colleagues in Sony CSL entered trial production at the Sony factory in Miyage, Japan in 2005. It was supposed to be sold as a basic hardware component for designing tactile user interfaces for touch screens in Sony consumer electronics devices [more details ...].

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