At "Robokkuma Lab" exhibition at Sony Explora Science in Odaiba (2006).

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Shanghai International Science & Art Exposition 2008.
Ars Electronica 2005 Festival.
Sony Explora Science Exhibition.
Wired NextFest 2004.
Siggraph 2004 Emerging Technologies.

Shanghai International Science & Art Exposition 2008.

12 pixels project was invited to be exhibited at 2008 Shanghai International Science & Art Exposition. It was demonstrated in a form of the video and poster at the Shanghai Pudong Exhibition Hall.


ARS Electronica 2005 Festival.

ARS Electronica 2005 Festival that was taking place in Lynz, Austria invited us to present Lumen as a video demonstration in the "Hybrid Creatures and Paradox Machines" exhibition.


Sony CSL Exhibition at SES.

Sony Explora Science held a Sony CSL exhibition July 16 - 24, 2005. Sony Explora Science is a children science museum located in Tokyo Odaiba bay. Lumen and TouchEngine were demonstrated among other Sony CSL projects.

Official program of the exhibition can be downloaded here: front page and back page.


Wired NextFest 2004.

We were invited to show Gummi at Wired NextFest 2004 exhibition that took place in San Francisco. That was the first Wired NextFest ever.


Siggraph 2004.

Siggraph 2004 Emerging Technologies exhibition featured demonstration of Lumen project, the title of exhibition was "Lumen: Interactive Visual and Shape Display for Calm Computing"


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